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Plan Your Visit to the Magical Oceanografic Valencia

Visiting Oceanografic Valencia

Situated in Valencia, Spain, Oceanografic is Europe's largest aquarium, showcasing 45,000 animals across 500 species. From dolphins and sharks to penguins and beluga whales, it offers an immersive and educational experience with interactive exhibits, live shows, and the chance to interact with dolphins.

Oceanografic Valencia | Visitor Information At A Glance

Oceanografic Valencia

What Are Oceanografic Valencia Opening Hours?

  • Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Last Entry: 1 hour before closing. The aquarium will be cleared 30 minutes before closing.
  • Closure: Oceanografic Valencia is open every day of the year, including public holidays, except for December 25th.

What's The Best time to Visit Oceanografic Valencia?

The optimal time to visit the Oceanografic Valencia is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November). During these periods, the weather is generally pleasant, with milder temperatures and fewer crowds compared to the peak summer season. You'll have a better chance of exploring the exhibits comfortably and enjoying a more relaxed atmosphere.

Avoid visiting during the peak summer months of July and August when the temperatures in Valencia can soar, and the aquarium is likely to be crowded with tourists. Long queues and packed viewing areas may hinder your overall experience and limit your enjoyment of the various marine habitats. To further enhance your visit, try to arrive early in the morning when the Oceanografic Valencia opens.

Where is Oceanografic Valencia Located?

Address: Carrer Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 Valencia, Spain

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Oceanografic Valencia is located within the City of Arts and Sciences complex in Valencia, Spain.

Closest Landmark: The Hemisfèric

Getting to Oceanografic Valencia

Valencia Metro to Oceanografic

By Metro

The most convenient way to reach Oceanografic is by metro. Take Line 5 (Green Line) and get off at Alameda station. From there, it's a short walk to the entrance of the aquarium.

Valencia bus to Oceanografic

By Bus

Several bus lines serve the area around Oceanografic, including lines 15, 35, and 95. Check the local bus schedule for the closest stop to the aquarium.

Valencia Tram to Oceanografic


The tram system in Valencia also provides access to Oceanografic. Take Line 4 or Line 6 and disembark at the Marina Real Juan Carlos I stop, which is within walking distance of the attraction.

Drive to Oceanografic Valencia by car

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Know Before You Go To Oceanografic Valencia

Wheelchair Accessibility at Oceanografic Valencia
  • Information Desks: There are multiple information desks strategically located throughout Oceanografic Valencia,
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Oceanografic Valencia offers a range of dining options to cater to different tastes and preferences.
  • Gift Shops: Several gift shops are available within Oceanografic Valencia, offering a wide selection of souvenirs, toys, books, and other merchandise related to marine life.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: The facility ensures accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges and is equipped with ramps, elevators, and designated accessible pathways.
  • Parking: Oceanografic Valencia provides convenient parking facilities for visitors arriving by car. Ample parking spaces are available nearby, making it easy for guests to access the attraction.
No flash photography at Oceanografic Valencia
  • Respect the marine life: It is essential to treat the marine animals with respect and not to disturb or harm them in any way.
  • Maintain a clean environment: Help keep the Oceanografic Valencia clean and litter-free by disposing of trash in the designated bins.
  • Follow safety guidelines: Visitors must adhere to the safety guidelines provided by the Oceanografic Valencia. This includes not leaning over railings, following designated pathways, and avoiding any prohibited areas.
  • No flash photography: To avoid causing distress to the animals, the use of flash photography is strictly prohibited. Flash photography can startle and disorient marine animals.
  • Be mindful of noise levels: To provide a calm and peaceful environment for the animals, visitors are requested to keep noise levels to a minimum.
City of Arts and Sciences
  • City of Arts and Sciences: The City of Arts and Sciences is a breathtaking architectural complex that includes the Hemisfèric, the Science Museum and the Opera House.
  • Malvarrosa Beach: Malvarrosa Beach offers a picturesque seaside escape. With its golden sands, clear waters and vibrant promenade, it's an ideal spot for sunbathing and swimming.
  • Valencia Old Town: Discover the awe-inspiring Valencia Cathedral, walk through the streets of Barrio del Carmen and visit the Central Market.
  • Turia Gardens: The Turia Gardens is a stunning green oasis spanning nine kilometers along the old Turia Riverbed. Once a river, it was transformed into a beautiful park after a flood.
  • Albufera Natural Park: Located just a short drive from Valencia, this wetland reserve is renowned for its diverse birdlife, scenic landscapes and the famous Albufera Lake.
Hotels near Oceanografic Valencia

BudgetHotel Valencia Center (1.2 km), Hotel Primus Valencia (1.6 m), Hotel Villacarlos (2.3 km)

Mid-RangeNH Valencia Las Artes (1.5 km), Hotel Ilunion Aqua 4 (1.2 km), Hotel Valencia Oceanic (1 km)

LuxuryThe Westin Valencia (3.5 km), SH Valencia Palace (2.5 km), Hospes Palau de la Mar (3.3 km)

Mediterráneo Pizzeria, Oceanografic Valencia

Oceanografic Valencia has several on-site dining options, offering a variety of cuisines to cater to different tastes.

  • Submarine Restaurant: Submarine Restaurant is surrounded by an aquarium. Savor Mediterranean delights in this captivating ambiance, with several options available for vegetarians and vegans, for lunch or dinner.
  • Océanos Restaurant: Enjoy a diverse selection of Mediterranean cuisine at Océanos, positioned in the heart of the aquarium. Opt for indoor or outdoor terrace dining.
  • Lonja: Lonja, a family-friendly self-service restaurant near the dolphinarium, accommodates 750 guests.
  • Mediterráneo Pizzeria: Enjoy a diverse menu featuring pizzas, hot dogs, and sandwiches. The restaurant has a dedicated children's area for a family-friendly atmosphere.

Visitor Rules & Tips

  • Book tickets online and in advance to avoid the long lines.
  • Allow ample time to explore the various exhibits and attractions.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear as there will be a fair amount of walking.
  • Educate your children about marine life in advance, so that the experience is more engaging and less frightening for them.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings, as Oceanografic can get crowded at times.
  • Attend scheduled presentations and feedings as it will provide valuable insights into the behavior and characteristics of different marine species.
  • Respect the animals while observing the animals at Oceanografic and maintain a respectful distance and avoid tapping on glass enclosures or making loud noises.

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Oceanografic Valencia

What are Oceanografic Valencia opening hours?

Oceanografic Valencia is open from 10 AM to 6 PM.

What is the best time to visit Oceanografic Valencia?

The best time to visit Oceanografic Valencia is typically during off-peak seasons in weekdays to avoid larger crowds.

Can I enter Oceanografic Valencia anytime during the operating hours?

Usually, visitors are allowed to enter Oceanografic Valencia anytime during the operating hours as long as they have a valid ticket.

How much time does it take to visit the Oceanografic Valencia?

On average, visitors spend around 3-4 hours exploring the different exhibits and attending presentations.

Can I enter Oceanografic Valencia once I exit?

Oceanografic Valencia typically does not allow re-entry once you exit the facility.

Where is Oceanografic Valencia located?

Oceanografic Valencia is located at Carrer d'Eduardo Primo Yúfera, 1B, 46013 Valencia, Spain.

What is the best way to get to Oceanografic Valencia?

Oceanografic Valencia is easily accessible by public transportation, including buses, trams, and taxis.

Is there a dress code to be followed at Oceanografic Valencia?

There is no specific dress code at Oceanografic Valencia.

Are prams allowed in Oceanografic Valencia?

Yes, prams or strollers are allowed inside Oceanografic Valencia.

Does Oceanografic Valencia conduct activities for children?

Yes, Oceanografic Valencia offers various activities and interactive experiences for children. There are educational presentations, feeding sessions, and interactive exhibits specifically designed to engage and entertain young visitors.

Is photography permitted inside Oceanografic Valencia?

Yes, photography is generally permitted inside Oceanografic Valencia. However, it's important to be mindful of specific guidelines such as flash photography so as to not disturb the marine life.

Is there a cloakroom at Oceanografic Valencia?

Yes, Oceanografic Valencia provides a cloakroom facility where visitors can store their coats or bags for a fee.

Will my luggage be allowed inside Oceanografic Valencia?

Large or bulky luggage is generally not allowed inside Oceanografic Valencia. It's recommended to leave your luggage at your accommodation.

Are strollers/wheelchairs available at Oceanografic Valencia?

Oceanografic Valencia provides wheelchair rental services for visitors with mobility needs. Strollers are also available for rent if needed.

Can I see everything at Oceanografic Valencia in one visit?

While it may be challenging to see every single exhibit and presentation in one visit, it is possible to have a comprehensive experience at Oceanografic Valencia. Plan your visit carefully, prioritize the exhibits that interest you the most.