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All You Need to Know About Oceanografic Valencia’s Map

Where is Oceanografic Valencia located?

Map of Oceanografic Valencia

Use this map to get around Oceanografic Valencia and explore its various exhibits and habitats. You can also download the map for ease of access

Visitor facilities at Oceanografic Valencia

  • Restaurants: There are several restaurants at Oceanografic Valencia. Submarina Restaurant, Oceanos Restaurant, Lonja and Mediterraneo Pizzeria are some of the options at the site.
  • Restrooms: There are restrooms located throughout the facility for visitors to use. Please note that the toilets can be accessed by disabled guests as well. 
  • Accessibility: Oceanogràfic Valencia strives to be accessible to all visitors, with facilities and services designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, including wheelchair ramps, accessible restrooms, and tactile exhibits.
  • Gift Shop: Browse through the gift shop to find souvenirs, toys, books, and other marine-themed merchandise to commemorate your visit to Oceanogràfic Valencia.

What to see at Oceanografic Valencia?

Oceanografic Valencia Arctic Section

Arctic Section

Journey to the icy realms of the Arctic to observe majestic beluga whales, playful seals, and other cold-water species adapted to life in polar environments.

Oceanografic Valencia Shark Tunnel

Shark Tunnel

Walk through an underwater tunnel surrounded by sharks, rays, and other predatory fish, offering a thrilling close-up view of these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.

Oceanografic Valencia Interactive Exhibits

Interactive Exhibits

Engage with interactive displays and educational exhibits that provide insights into marine biology, conservation efforts, and the importance of protecting aquatic ecosystems.

Oceanografic Valencia Mediterranean Aquarium

Mediterranean Aquarium

Discover the rich biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea, home to seahorses, octopuses, moray eels, and other native species in a simulated coastal habitat.

Visitor tips

  • Plan Your Route: Oceanogràfic Valencia is huge, so it's helpful to plan your route in advance to ensure you don't miss any exhibits or shows that you're particularly interested in.
  • Check Show Times: Be sure to check the schedule for dolphin shows and other presentations upon arrival so you can plan your day accordingly and make sure you don't miss out on any of the highlights.
  • Use the Map: Grab a map of Oceanogràfic Valencia upon arrival or download the official app to help navigate the aquarium and find your way around the various exhibits.
  • Identify Key Attractions: Use the map to identify the location of key attractions, such as the dolphin stadium, shark tunnel, and tropical aquarium, so you can prioritize which exhibits to visit first based on your interests.
  • Refer to Interactive Displays: If available, use interactive displays or digital maps located throughout the aquarium for real-time updates on exhibit information, show times, and special events.
  • Take Note of Future Visits: As you explore Oceanogràfic Valencia, take note of any exhibits or areas you may want to revisit in the future, so you can plan your next visit accordingly and continue exploring the aquarium's diverse offerings.

Frequently asked questions about Oceanografic Valencia's Map

What is Oceanogràfic Valencia?

Oceanogràfic Valencia is an aquarium, located in the City of Arts and Sciences complex in Valencia, Spain. It features a vast array of marine life from different ecosystems around the world.

What can I see at Oceanogràfic Valencia?

Visitors can explore a variety of exhibits showcasing marine habitats, including tropical seas, Arctic waters, Mediterranean ecosystems, and more. Highlights include dolphin shows, underwater tunnels, and interactive displays.

How long does it take to visit Oceanogràfic Valencia?

The duration of a visit to Oceanogràfic Valencia can vary depending on individual interests and pace. On average, visitors typically spend around 3-4 hours exploring the aquarium's exhibits and attending shows.

Is there a map available of Oceanogràfic Valencia?

Yes, you can either download the map and print it or get a map of Oceanogràfic Valencia at the entrance.

Is it important to have a map of Oceanogràfic Valencia?

Having a map of Oceanogràfic Valencia can be helpful for efficiently navigating the large aquarium and ensuring you don't miss any key attractions.

Where can I book my Oceanogràfic Valencia tickets?

You can buy your Oceanogràfic Valencia tickets online or from the ticket counter at the entrance.

How can I use the map to plan my visit?

You can use the map to plan your visit by identifying key attractions, plotting out a route to navigate through the exhibits efficiently, and locating amenities such as restrooms and cafes.

What landmarks or reference points can I use on the map?

Look for landmarks or distinctive features on the map, such as the shark tunnel or prominent signage, to help orient yourself and navigate between different areas of the aquarium.

Can I get assistance with using the map if I have trouble navigating?

Yes, friendly staff members at Oceanogràfic Valencia are available to assist visitors with using the map and navigating the aquarium, providing directions and helpful tips as needed.