Valencia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, centuries-old architectural marvels, and vibrant markets in the world. Valencia receives almost 300 sunny days, with only mild rain for a few days a year. When in Valencia, make sure to walk around its charming Old Town and sample as much paella as you possibly can. Make sure to visit the Oceanographic de Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences, La Lonja de la Seda, Valencia Cathedral, La Almoina Archaeological Museum, and other cultural landmarks. Read on to know more about Valencia, how to book Valencia tickets, its attractions, and other information that will help you plan your visit. 

Top Experiences in Valencia

The Spanish port city of Valencia is the perfect holiday destination for all kinds of travelers. It is known for the grandeur of its historical structures in the old town, such as the Valencia Cathedral, the San Nicolas Church, and the Santos Juanes Church. Marvel at the newest modern buildings at Valencia’s City of Arts and Science, including the Princep Filipe Science Museum and Oceanografic. The city also offers relaxing beaches, great dining experiences, and exciting nightlife scenes. Book your tickets online in advance to enjoy a hassle-free and memorable trip to Valencia.

Best Museums

Valencia is known for its rich cultural landscape that was abound with numerous significant architectural marvels. The city had a hotchpotch blend of Romanesque, Rococo, and Gothic architectural styles. In recent years, modern facades have also become prominent in the city.

Best Aquariums & Zoos

Among the many modern marvels that have cropped up in recent years, Valencia has one of the best aquariums in the world. It is home to almost 45,000 species. Through educational exhibits, thorough research, and dedicated animal habitats, Oceanografic attempts to teach visitors all about aquatic species in an engaging manner. Valencia is also home to several zoos and animal parks. One of the most popular is Bioparc Valencia, a unique zoo that employs the “zooimmersion” concept to surround visitors with natural habitats.

Why Visit Valencia?

  • Witness the Grandeur of its Historical Structures: Valencia is home to amazing architectural marvels, designed in a hotchpotch of Romanesque, Moorish, Gothic, and Rococo styles. The Valencia Cathedral, St. Nicholas Church, and the Santos Juanes Church showcase the wondrous craftsmanship of the yesteryears. 
  • Marvel at the Newest Modern Structures: The newest Art Nouveau structures that have cropped up in Valencia like the Princep Filipe Science Museum, the Valencia Silk Museum, and the Oceanographic are worth a visit.
  • Relax on the Sandy Beaches: It is almost sunny throughout the year in Valencia. Make sure to soak in as much of the sun as possible on its numerous beaches like Las Arenas, La Malvarrosa, and La Patacoma.
  • Experience its Vibrant Nightlife: Valencia has one of the most vibrant and liveliest night scenes in Spain. The streets are lined with pubs, cafes, bars, and clubs, that buzz with people until the wee hours of the morning. 
  • Sample the Delicious Cuisine: Paella is a rice dish, made with chicken, rabbit, or seafood, and is the signature dish of Valencia. When in Valencia, you must also try rice with squid, cured sausages, roasted peppers in vegetable stews, and coques, an ancient, salty pastry, that shares a common heritage with Italian pizza. 

Your Valencia Tickets Explained

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Know Before You Go

Travel Essentials
Best Time to Visit
Best Things to Do
Travel Hacks
Valencia Travel Essentials

Time Zone: 

  • November to March: Central European Time (CET)-(GMT+1)
  • April to October: Central European Summer Time (CEST)-(GMT+2)

Currency: Euro- EUR- €
Country Code: +34-96
Emergency Numbers:

  • Emergency: 112
  • National Police: 091
  • City Police: 092
  • Civil Guard: 062
  • Fire: 080
  • Ambulance: 963 67 73 75
Best Time to Visit Valencia
  • March to May: Spring is the best time to visit Valencia when the city is brimming with festivities and its green-scapes are in full bloom. Celebrate Valencia’s biggest festival, Las Fallas in March with 24-hour street parties, open-air concerts, carnival parades, and nightly fireworks. April festivities include Semana Santa and Fiesta de San Vicente Ferrer, while Virgen de Los Desamprados celebrations take place in Valencia in May.

  • September to November: Valencia is perfect for a beach vacation during the fall season when the sea is warm and ideal for swimming. It is also a good time to catch open-air concerts, cultural events, costumed parades, and culinary fests. You can also witness one of Europe’s biggest fireworks festivals on October 9th. Do carry an umbrella as it’s the rainy season, and don’t forget to grab a taste of Paella, Spain’s national dish.
Transport Options in Valencia
  • On Foot: Valencia is a city best explored on foot. In about 20 minutes you can walk from one end of the old town Ciutat Vella to the other, spotting most of the city’s historic landmarks and churches.
  • Metro: Metrovalencia, the city’s underground metro service, operates along 6 lines, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 9. They run every 5 to 10 minutes between 4 AM and 11:30 PM on weekdays and from 5 AM to 12:30 AM on weekends.
  • Tram: Lines 4, 6, and 8 of Metrovalencia are tram lines. They run during the same hours as the metro trains.
  • Bus: Valencia has an extensive bus network comprising red EMT buses in the city and yellow Metrobuses towards the interior villages. Day buses operate from 4 AM to 10:30 PM, after which night buses run until 2 AM on weekdays and 3:30 AM on weekends.
  • Taxis: Although expensive, you can get a taxi in Valencia at any hour by either waving at a running taxi on the street or approaching one of the many taxi ranks in the city.
Best Things to Do in Valencia
  • Walk around Valencia’s old town and admire the Gothic architecture and marvelous decor of its many historical buildings such as the Valencia Cathedral, the San Nicolas Church, and the Santos Juanes Church.
  • Make sure to explore Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences which houses the Princep Filipe Science Museum and Oceanografic, one of the world’s largest aquariums.
  • Head to the Valencian town of Buñol in August to be a part of the world’s most famous food fight La Tomatina festival.
  • Hit the beaches with friends and family to swim, surf, and relax by the sands with bonfires and all-night parties.
  • Walk amidst the almond and orange blossoms in February, or admire the fully bloomed Jardins del Real and Jardins del Turia in Spring.
  • Join in the city’s celebrations and parades happening all year round starting with the Three Kings parade in January and Carnaval in February, to the Christmas markets and festivities towards the end of the year.
Valencia Travel Hacks
  • Metros and trams in Valencia operate in four different fare zones - A, B, C, and D. Most tourists travel within Zone A as it comprises the airport, the city center, and the beaches.
  • Valencia is pleasantly warm throughout the year with temperatures rarely dropping below 6°C. Make sure to pack accordingly.
  • While you are in Valencia, make sure to sample as much paella as possible. La Pepita is one such famous eatery that you can visit, recommended by none other than Ernest Hemingway. 
  • Note that most of the main attractions do not open until 9:30 AM or 10 AM. 
  • It is always best to learn a few Spanish or Valencian phrases to make small conversations with the locals and make navigation easier. 
  • Do not worry about the Spanish siesta. Most museums and galleries are open for visits during late afternoons. 
  • Although Valencia is generally safe, beware of pickpockets and wear your bags to the front while in crowded areas.

Booking Valencia Attraction Tickets: FAQs

Q. What are some of Valencia’s most popular attractions?

A. The Valencia Cathedral, the San Nicolas Church, the Santos Juanes Church, the Post buildings, the Marquis of Dos Aguas Palace, the Princep Filipe Science Museum, the Hemispheric 3D cinema, and the Oceanografic aquarium are some of the most popular attractions in Valencia.

Q. Where can I get Valencia attractions tickets?

A. It is best to book Valencia tickets online to secure spots in advance and enjoy great deals and discounts. 

Q. What are some things to do in Valencia?

A. You can walk around the old town and explore the City of Arts and Sciences. There are tons of museums and nightclubs at your disposal. Make sure to spend some time relaxing at the beach and make sure to sample the delicious local cuisine.

Q. Is Valencia worth visiting?

A. Valencia is a family-friendly, beachside holiday destination that offers historical buildings, modern attractions, relaxing beaches, and one of the world’s largest oceanariums, making it worth a visit.

Q. Is Valencia wheelchair accessible?

A. Almost all metro stations and public buildings in Valencia are wheelchair accessible. A large number of restaurants, hotels, and streets, except for maybe some around the old town, can be easily accessible to visitors on wheelchairs. 

Q. What are some unique experiences I must try in Valencia?

A. Some unique experiences to try in Valencia include visiting the Princep Filipe Science Museum, the Hemispheric 3D cinema theatre, and the Oceanografic aquarium. It is fascinating to watch the Gothic architecture blend seamlessly with the futuristic buildings. 

Q. What is the best time to visit Valencia?

A. The best time to visit would be from March to May and from September to November. The spring and fall seasons offer moderate temperatures, which are ideal for lounging around the city. It is also not too hot, so you can visit museums and landmarks in the city. You may also visit the city in December or January to join the festivities or in July or August to get tanned at the beach.

Q. What are some of the must-try dishes in Valencia?

A. Some of the must-try dishes in Valencia include Paella, a dish made from rice and hailed as the national dish of Spain. You may also try flan de calabaza, a custard-based pumpkin puree dessert, or esgarraet, a typical Valencian grilled pepper salad.

Q. How long should I spend in Valencia?

A. Ideally, you need at least 4 to 5 days to explore Valencia to the fullest. However, you can cover all the highlights on a short 2-day trip. If you book tickets online in advance, you will save tons of money and time during sightseeing.

Q. How to get cheap tickets to Valencia attractions?

A. The best way to avail yourself of great deals and discounts is to book Valencia tickets online.

Q. What are some of the best couple activities in Valencia?

A. There is nothing more romantic than strolling through museums and oceanariums with the love of your life. You can also relax by the coastline, sample delicious food, and live a vicarious nightlife while you are in Valencia. They offer something for every kind of traveler.

Q. What are some budget-friendly ways to enjoy Valencia?

A. Valencia is less expensive as compared to other Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. January and February are the cheapest months, owing to the off-season and comparatively cooler temperatures. Moreover, you can book your Valencia attractions tickets online to get them at the best prices.

Q. What is the best way to get around Valencia?

A. Public transportation is the best way to get around Valencia. The city has a well-connected network of underground metros, trams, and buses. Rented cycles and scooters are also popular in the city.

Q. What kind of clothes should I pack for Valencia?

A. Valencia is pleasantly warm throughout the year, so you are advised to wear short-sleeved shirts, short-length trousers, and breezy clothes. Do carry along an umbrella, or a hat and sunblock depending on the season.

Q. Will children enjoy Valencia?

A. Make sure to explore Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences with your children. It houses the Princep Filipe Science Museum and Oceanografic, one of the world’s largest aquariums. Children would obviously be spellbound by the giant arches and their intricate details. They would also love watching the colorful costumed parades that are a part of every celebration in Valencia. 

Q. What are some cultural tips to note when visiting Valencia?

A. Valencia has its own language called Valenciano, which sounds similar to Catalan. It is always better to know a few phrases in the native tongue of the country you are traveling to. It makes navigation easier and you can also speak to the locals. 

Q. What are some of the festivals celebrated in Valencia?

A. Valencia celebrates festivals all year round starting with the Cavalcade of the Magi in January and Carnaval in February, Las Fallas in March, La Tomatina in August, and Día de la Comunidad Valenciana in October.

Q. Is Valencia cashless?

A. Valencia is not yet fully cashless and so tourists are advised to carry cash while traveling. However, public transport and attraction tickets can be bought online.