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A Guide to Bioparc Valencia: The Perfect Day Out for the Whole Family

Bioparc Valencia is a 10-hectare (25-acre) wildlife sanctuary located in Valencia's Turia riverbed. It is one of the few animal sanctuaries that use the concept of ‘zooimmersion’ , where animals roam fr...

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Bioparc Valencia’s amazing architecture and innovative design, earned it prestigious design awards such as the Europa Nostra Award in 2009.

Bioparc Valencia is strongly committed to conservation, recycling over 95% of its water and generating energy through solar panels. Many species in the zoo are part of European conservation breeding programs.

Owned by the City Council of Valencia and managed by Rainforest, Bioparc Valencia opened its doors in 2008, with most animals relocated from the old city's zoo, which closed the same year.

Why Visit Bioparc Valencia

  • Immersive Wildlife Experience: Discover the world of African wildlife as you traverse the 100,000 sqm park, witnessing close encounters with over 150 species in their natural habitat.
  • Unfettered Exploration: Bioparc's innovative zoo design removes physical barriers, allowing you to feel the thrill of walking among animals in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Unique Habitats and Species: Explore distinct African biomes, like Madagascar Island, African Savannah, or Equatorial Africa, experiencing exclusive species native to these environments.
  • Engaging Activities and Shows: Witness live animal feedings, learn about conservation through expert talks, and observe the hidden lives of animals through interactive experiences.
  • Mindful Conservation: Bioparc's commitment to conservation, sustainability, and education reinforces the importance of protecting the planet and its inhabitants for generations to come.
  • Enjoyable for All Ages: Bioparc Valencia offers fun and educational experiences for visitors of all ages, making it the perfect destination for family outings or group trips.

Things to do/see at Bioparc Valencia

Witness the African Savannah in Bioparc

Witness the African Savannah

Experience the breathtaking landscape of the African savannah, complete with freeroaming herds of elephants, giraffes, zebras, and many more. It's the perfect opportunity to see these majestic creatures in a habitat resembling their natural home.

Explore the Madagascar Island in Bioparc

Explore the Madagascar Island

Visit the unique and diverse Madagascar Island, where you can observe colorful birds, playful lemurs, and other endemic species in a lush, verdant setting. This exhibit showcases the island's extraordinary biodiversity while highlighting the importance of conservation efforts.

Equatorial Africa

Discover Equatorial Africa

Venture into the heart of Equatorial Africa, where dense jungles and lush forests are bursting with life. Marvel at the grace of gorillas, learn about the unique species of birds, and uncover the secrets of the elusive okapi.

Animal Feedings and Keeper Talks

Animal Feedings and Keeper Talks

Get an upclose view of the animals during daily feeding sessions, where expert keepers are on hand to share fascinating insights about the residents of Bioparc Valencia. These educational events provide a rare opportunity to witness animals enjoying their meals and learn about their behaviors, diets, and conservation efforts.

the Bird Show

Visit the Bird Show

Capture the excitement of the daily bird show, where you can watch various species demonstrate their incredible flying skills and remarkable intelligence. Fascinating and educational, the bird show is a mustsee experience for all visitors to Bioparc Valencia.

Dive into the Cave of Kitum

Dive into the Cave of Kitum

Lose yourself in the mysterious Cave of Kitum, an immersive exhibition that tells the story of the origins of life while showcasing some of the most unique inhabitants of Bioparc Valencia. Be astounded by the incredible nocturnal creatures and geological formations that await inside this captivating space.

Enjoy the Baobab Paleao Trees Restaurant

Enjoy the Baobab Paleao Trees Restaurant

Take a break from your wildlife journey by dining at the Baobab Paleao Trees Restaurant. Serving a mix of Mediterranean and Africaninspired dishes, this ecofriendly eatery offers an unforgettable dining experience in the midst of Bioparc Valencia's striking landscapes.

coffee, pastries, or sandwiches

Relax at Pangea Cafe

Whether you need a quick snack or a refreshing drink, Pangea Cafe is the perfect spot to unwind while still immersed in the Africaninspired surroundings of Bioparc Valencia. Enjoy your favorite coffee, pastries, or sandwiches as you catch glimpses of wildlife and the beautiful park scenery.

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History of Bioparc Valencia

Embark on a captivating journey back to 2008, when Bioparc Valencia first opened its doors to the public on February 27th. Masterminded by the visionary architect Fabrizio Miccichè, this innovative zoo quickly gained a reputation for its immersive and barrierfree design, offering an unforgettable African wildlife experience in the heart of Valencia, Spain. 

Throughout its short yet impactful history, Bioparc Valencia has remained steadfast in its commitment to conservation, sustainability, and education. Over the years, the park has become home to more than 150 species, each housed in meticulously crafted habitats resembling their natural environments. Thanks to its booming popularity, Bioparc Valencia now attracts around 400,000 visitors annually, making it a principal tourist attraction in the region. 

Come visit this enchanting haven of wildlife and unravel the fascinating stories, remarkable feats, and heartwarming conservation efforts that make Bioparc Valencia a mustsee destination on your trip to this beautiful city.

The Architecture of Bioparc Valencia

Opened in 2008, Bioparc Valencia boasts an innovative and immersive architectural design conceived by Italian architect Fabrizio Miccichè, who partnered with Rain Forest (RainStream) for additional expertise. The 100,000 square meters of Bioparc embodies a nontraditional approach to zoo architecture, with Africaninspired landscapes meticulously crafted to resemble the natural habitats of its more than 150 resident species. 

Miccichè's vision focused on removing physical barriers, enabling visitors to safely explore and engage with the wildlife in a unique and authentic environment. Key features include distinct African biomes such as the Savannah, Madagascar Island, and Equatorial Africa zones, each thoughtfully designed to offer unforgettable visitor experiences while promoting sustainability, conservation, and education. Bioparc Valencia's groundbreaking design, immersive atmosphere, and commitment to animal welfare serve as a testament to Miccichè's architectural prowess and visionary approach.

The Visionary Behind Bioparc Valencia

The Visionary Behind Bioparc Valencia

The innovative and immersive Bioparc Valencia was designed by Italian architect Fabrizio Miccichè, who revolutionized zoo experiences by creating an environment that mimics the natural habitats of over 150 species. Known for his keen attention to detail and authentic Africaninspired landscapes, Miccichè also partnered with Rain Forest (RainStream) for design expertise. His architectural prowess extends beyond Valencia, contributing to major projects worldwide that showcase his dedication to sustainability, conservation, and unforgettable visitor experiences.

Additional Information About Bioparc Valencia

  • Global Platform: Bioparc Valencia is a platform for promoting biodiversity conservation and protecting endangered species.
  • International Programs: The park actively participates in international breeding programs for threatened animals.
  • Collaboration: Collaborations with organizations and wildlife institutions have led to significant contributions to species conservation, such as the Western lowland gorilla, Rothschild's giraffe, and Amur leopard.
  • Workshops: The park offers workshops, guided tours, and educational programs for both children and adults to raise awareness about the natural world and inspire action for its preservation.
  • Natural ecosystem: The park is designed to resemble natural ecosystems, providing optimal living conditions for the animals.
  • Biosecurity: Biosecurity measures, including hand sanitizer stations, safe distancing signs, and regular disinfection, ensure the safety and wellbeing of animals and visitors.
  • Unforgettable experiences: Bioparc Valencia offers an unforgettable wildlife experience focused on sustainability, education, and conservation.
  • Animal encounters: Visitors can expect captivating animal encounters and valuable insights into the importance of preserving the natural world.
  • Appeal: The park appeals to wildlife enthusiasts, families, and anyone seeking a unique experience in Valencia.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bioparc Valencia

How long should I spend at Bioparc Valencia?

A full day is recommended to fully explore and experience Bioparc Valencia, allowing time to attend animal feedings, and keeper talks, and enjoy the variety of habitats.

Is it worth visiting Bioparc Valencia?

Absolutely! Bioparc Valencia is a oneofakind immersive zoo experience that offers visitors the chance to connect with African wildlife in a sustainable and educational environment.

What is the main purpose of Bioparc Valencia?

Bioparc Valencia aims to provide an unforgettable and educational experience, while promoting wildlife conservation, biodiversity protection, and sustainable practices.

What is the best time to visit Bioparc Valencia?

Early mornings are ideal to visit Bioparc Valencia for avoiding afternoon heat and crowds. Also, try visiting during weekdays or off-peak seasons for a more relaxed experience.

Can I take my own food to Bioparc Valencia?

Yes, you can bring your own food and enjoy it at designated picnic areas within Bioparc Valencia park.

Are guided tours available at Bioparc Valencia?

Guided tours are available as part of educational programs and workshops at Bioparc Valencia, which can be prebooked through the park's website or at the entrance.

How can I reach Bioparc Valencia using public transport?

You can take the metro (Line 1 or 2) to Nou d'Octubre station, or use bus lines 7, 17, 29, 61 or 81, all of which have stops nearby the Bioparc Valencia park.

Are there any discounts available on ticket prices at Bioparc Valencia?

Yes, discounts are available for children, seniors, and large family groups. Check the park's website for current promotions and combo packages for Bioparc Valencia

Is Bioparc Valencia suitable for visitors with disabilities?

Yes, Bioparc Valenca is wheelchair accessible, and offers features such as ramps, elevators, accessible parking spaces, and restrooms to cater to visitors with limited mobility.

Can I visit Bioparc Valencia during the COVID19 pandemic?

Bioparc Valencia has implemented various safety measures, including hand sanitizer stations, safe distancing signs, and regular surface disinfection. Always check local regulations and advisories before planning your visit.